Section 6: Disclaimer of Liability

The owners, operators, associates, and affiliates of take no responsibility and disclaim all liability for damages arising from any use of or dependence on, including but not limited to damages due to:
  1. False or misleading content, whether or not known to the owners, operators, associates, or affiliates of
  2. The lack of timely updates to
  3. Unavailability of the at any time.
  4. Worms, viruses, or spyware transmitted directly or indirectly to your computer from, intentionally or accidentally.
  5. Unusual system resource consumpution or crashes caused by viewing
  6. Mentally or emotionally disturbing content.
  7. Repetitive stress injuries caused by navigating
  8. Sale of personal data to individuals, businesses, or governments, whether domestic or foreign.
  9. Inaccuracy of dates and times transmitted to your computer in data or metadata, so long as they do not vary more than the estimated remaining lifetime of the universe or one megacentury, whichever is shorter at the time of transmission.